Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort

Community of Owners

1 or 2 Teenage / Adult Bikes

1 or 2 teenage / adult bikes wanted ASAP. We in HR long term. No Spanish phone yet !


Contact: Marilyn Mair

Telephone: 0044 07593281118

Email: mmmair@gmail.com

2-seater sofa

Wanted - 2 seater sofa for my apartment on HR, new or second hand if in good condition and preferably in a light colour, e.g. cream. 

Contact:  S
tephen Morton 

Telephone:  0044

Email:  stephenmorton48@gmail.com 

3 Adult Bikes

Wanted : 3 adult bikes, including 1 ladies, if possible.


Also ps4 game console and 2 controllers.


Contact: Lisa Worsley

Telephone: 0044 7585600492 

Email: lisaworsley@outlook.com

Diesel Motor Car
Wanted: Second-hand, family motor car, preferably diesel.

Contact: Andreea Stan

Telephone: 0034 650938162.
Men's Set of Golf Clubs

Wanted: set of golf clubs for a man.

Just started playing.

Contact: Jgfrankish

Telephone: 0044 7533240216

Email: janegrahamfrankish@tiscali.co.uk

Rental Wanted - Calle Atlántico, Block46, Phase 7
Wanted: Calle Atlántico, Block 46, Phase 7, apartment short stay holiday rental wanted for non-smoking, well-behaved, family to share holidays with us, They have young kids, so ground floor would be preferable (long shot I know), but would be happy to return the favour, as long as it is for non-smoking people.

Contact: Mike Joines

Telephone: 0044 7961046541

Email: m.joines@ntlworld.com

Two Bikes Wanted
We are looking for two bikes for our boys aged 5 and 7. We will be out in late July. Thanks.

Contact:  Gregor Robertson

Telephone: 0044 7710478160

Email    gregor1robertson@gmail.com

Wanted - Person to Feed Feral Cats
Hi, would anyone be able to help feed our feral cats at the feeding stations?

If anyone is available: 

Contact: Jean Rowland

Telephone:  0034 968 038 112

Internal phone: 9114

And don't forget to donate cat food at the Spar shop.

Many thanks  

Jean Rowland

White Goods & Furniure

Wanted : Recently purchased at HR, and looking for white goods and furniture.

Contact:  Alan Foster

Telephone:  0044

Email: covflyer@gmail.com