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Colin Oldham

1) I work for several key holders on the resort carrying out regular maintenance, leaking taps, blocked toilets, property entering if locked out, lock changing, general joinery repairs and small electrical works.

2) Other works undertaken includes:

• New or additional kitchen units

• Wall removals

• Garage storage cupboards

• Cupboards in bedrooms or on terraces

• Bathroom re-fits

• Painting, apartments, railings and pergolas

• Installation and or extension of pergolas

• Terrace tile sealing

• Windows to utility rooms

3) I also do numerous other small works so it is best to ask me and if I cannot do the works I will know somebody who can, I also work with other contractors, plasterers, electricians, plumbers, and tillers etc, on larger projects. After my 7 years working in this region I have found several quality contractors who I trust to do a professional job at a reasonable price.

If anybody wants any more information they only need to contact me.


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Rob Corbett:The process I went through last year was to contact Resortalia expressing a wish to have a garage storage box, they said OK subject to the agreement of our block president (which was duly received). They also sent me some pics of various plastic garden boxes/mini sheds available from the likes of Leroy Merlin etc and I went back and advised that wasn’t really what I had in mind but rather a built in unit, the type built by Colin Oldham. Without hesitation they said OK and I contracted Colin to build one. Job done and it blends in perfectly as its painted the same as the wall.”

Daz Craig:Colin built a garage storage unit for me In July and did a fantastic job. He dealt with all planning applications/Approvals etc. with HR. If you need to look at his work, I'm on phase 3, block 30.“

Barry Everitt:here are the basics from Colin, he will answer all your questions & send you pics of work done.

Hi Barry, Thank you for the email, I will try to explain in simple terms the construction of the garage storage cupboards, the walls or frames are built from 70 x 40 timber and the base is wrapped in d.p.c. to help prevent water rising into the soleplate, the face of the walls are covered in 15mm sterling board painted in the matching green yellow and white paint, cupboards are as you say full height and the door is fitted with a five lever mortice lock from the U.K. I will need to apply to the administrators Resortalia for consent to construct the cupboard. Prices are €130 per linear metre so if yours is 1.5m deep and say 2.5m wide with only two walls then 4 linear metres x 130 equates to €520. I will send you a few pictures later this evening to help show you the finished articles.
Kindest regards, Colin

The price may have changed slightly, but give Colin a try.
Regards, Barry.

P.S. we have just had our application approved and Colin dealt with it all.”

He lives on La Torre, but does lots of work on HR”

Alex Smith:We used Colin Oldham and he has transformed my kitchen! I could be happier. If you'd like, I'd be happy to discuss off line, via my e-mail, and I can send you picture of my kitchen.”

Bill Jones:The sink in our bathroom was taking ages to empty so our key holder Aidan Lowe contacted Colin Oldham who arrived the next day. He removed the silver disk on the bathroom floor, and the plastic disc underneath it, and then an assortment of plastic bits and a large piece on wire wool. Colin then emptied the murky water, gave everything a good clean and it now works fine.Thanks very much Colin, €20 well spent. Pity PW builders chose to leave so much rubbish down there.”

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