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Dear Owner,

Welcome home!

It is a pleasure for us to introduce ourselves as the Administrators of Homeowners Community of the Private Property Complex “Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort” (hereinafter H.R.G.R.). Resortalia S. L. P. that aims to optimise the efficient administration of your Resort through three important pillars: proactive management, service vocation and openness policy.

I am Isaac Abad, I am a Lawyer member of the Murcia Lawyers Association ("Colegio de Abogados de Murcia), an Accountant, member of the Murcia Accountant Association (Colegio de Titulares Mercantiles y Empresariales). I am an Auditor of Accounts registered on the R.O.A.C. (Official Register of Auditors and Chartered Accountants). Our company is a professional limited company duly registered on the Official Association of Community Administrators.

Our company participated in a competitive tender organized by the Building Promoter (Polaris World) and they considered we were the best candidate for your community. We began to work for your Resort in April 2008 and we were reappointed unanimously at all the AGMs held during the month of June 2008. 

Should you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us in the following ways: 

- The Resortalia office is located in the Gatehouse at the main entrance to the Hacienda Riquelme resort.

We will be pleased to attend your visits during the following times:

From Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

You can contact us on the following telephone numbers during office hours.

English speakers: 0034 968 031 365

or from within the resort, simply dial 1365.

- Or e-mail:

Ø hr@resortalia.com This account is in the event you want to report any issue or complaint related to the services in your building or general community areas. Any breakage, it does not matter whether it is inside or outside of the building. This e-mail is for the usage of all the owners.

Ø hrrm@resortalia.com This account is in the event you want to report any issue related to the insurance company or different suppliers. This e-mail is for the usage of the Committee and suppliers.

Ø  hre@resortalia.com This account is related to meetings, minutes and matters arisen, translations, budgets and coordination amongst others. This e-mail is for the usage of the Committee and suppliers.

Ø  conta@resortalia.com This account is for accountancy issues such as budgets or reconciliations. This e-mail is for the usage of the Block and Phase Presidents.

Ø recovery@resortalia.com This account is for issues related to debtors. This e-mail is for the usage of the Block and Phase Presidents.

Ø  legal@resortalia.com This account is for legal issues orr legal advice such as statutes, etc. This e-mail is for the usage of the Block and Phase Presidents.

Kind regards, 

D. Isaac Abad 
Resortalia, S. L. P. 

Some FAQs about Resortalia

1. Who are we? 

First, let us introduce ourselves: Resortalia, S. L. P. is a professional services company which works as a community administrator and it is specialized in the administration of multilingual properties complex. Our aim is to become the company with the best references in the area for Properties Administration of Resorts in the Murcia Region through the quality or our service. 

Resortalia, S. L. P. is part of the corporate group of the prestigious Law Firm “Abad & Asociados Abogados y Economistas”, which has three offices in Murcia Region and extensive experience in property rights, fiscal and mercantile laws, accountancy and auditing. 

Resortalia, S. L. P. will apply the Quality procedures marked in “Norma UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000” in all the services, as we do in all the group offices. People who work in the Community Administration of Hacienda Riquelme from Resortalia are bilingual in Spanish and English. 

Our way of working is based on the following pillars: 

- Proactive management of anticipate to your needs. 
- Service vocation. 
- Openness policy. 
- Total Quality. 

We will be pleased to solve any query you could ask us. 

2. Where are we? When?

The Resortalia office is located in Gate House by the main entrance to the Hacienda Riquelme resort. 

We will be pleased to attend your visits during the following times: 

From Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

We also offer a 24 hour emergency service to the owners. So you may contact us on 0034 691 816 131. However, you should communicate the emergencies to the Security Service at the main entrance control in the first instance. 

3. How can you contact us?

- Online: hr@resortalia.com

Telephone during office hours:

English speakers: 0034 968 031 365

or within the resort simply dial 1365.

- Post: Resortalia, S.L.P., Avenida de la Libertad, nº 7, 3ºB, 30.009, Murcia 

4. What is our function (duty)? 

Resortalia S. L. P. performs every function laid down in articles 27 and 28 in the Statues of the Owners Community and in the Horizontal Property Law established for the Administrator and Secretary but with the main aim of the Total Quality. 

As a result Resortalia, S.L.P., will have the following functions: 

a) To maintain a register of all the members of the community, indicating their respective names, surnames and addresses on HRGR and in another place if there is one different. 

b) To keep the administration and accounts of the economic and financial management of the association based on generally accepted accounting principles, keeping invoices and every necessary document. To have the accounts updated and available to the President of the Community and other members of it. 

c) To make and notify the members of the community, as the legal period of time is established the notice of Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings with their respective agenda items. It will be made in English and Spanish. And Resortalia will also act as a secretary at the meetings. 

d) To bring all the documents and to hold the meetings in double language. (Spanish and English). To draw up and distribute to the members of the community the minutes of the Owners General Meetings recording the agreements adopted by them, 

e) To carry out the normal acts for the administration and conservation of the Property Complex installations. To carry out any act as a matter of urgency with the agreement of the President of the community in accordance with the contractual resolutions, without harm of a later confirmation of them by the Owners Meeting. 

f) Charge and collect the fees established for the maintenance and common expenses of the Property Complex, any increase due for the common reserves fund, and also whatever expenses, either through legal disposition or with the owners agreement as laid down in the Statutes of the Community. To ask (extrajudicial) for the non-payment community fees. 

g) To safeguard the arrangements laid down in the Statutes of the Private Property Complex and the Horizontal Property Law, and also in general, laid down in the legal and lawful about joint ownership property, and to demand in writing the ceasing of the transgressions that it detects, giving to the President a descriptive report and actual situation of it every three months. 

h) To advise the President on procedures relating to the Competent Courts for the application of writs and punishments that are appropriated against the owner or the occupant that breaks the restrictions and limitations as laid down in the Statues of the Community and in the legal and lawful rules of joint ownership property in the use of the property. 

i) To report all illicit acts committed inside of the Property Complex to the security members and to the State Security Forces or the relevant judicial authorities. 

j) To keep an updated list with telephone numbers and addresses from interested service providers in the permanent office. 

k) To let the President know if any illicit occupation acts or damages to the installations and common areas in the Property Complex or in the area around the Resort happen, coming the news from either co-ownerships or a third party. 

l) To prepare budgets and reports and render the accounts. To ask suppliers for quotations and give them to the President. To make the payments, charges and settlements ordered by the President. 

m) To negotiate any compensation in the face of the insurance companies in favour of the Owners Community by virtue of whatever reasons might arise. 

n) To receive queries and suggestions from any member of the association.


Thank you very much for your attention.