Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort

Community of Owners

HRGR Privilege Cards

If you require a HRGR Privilege Card, and are a debt-free owner on Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort, then please ask Resortalia for one. You can collect your cards from Resortalia, at your convenience, or authorise your key holder to collect them on your behalf.

Each apartment at Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort is entitled to two cards free of charge, one credit card sized and one key tag sized. Both come on a larger card, and snap off.  The front of the card features a photo taken from the 11th fairway by professional photographer Stuart Crump, and our sponsor message is on the back (The Resorts paid £1,000 for the cards to be printed, which is how we are able to issue them to owners for free.)

We have already agreed discounts with about 30 local suppliers, and all the offers are published on the Community website www.hrgr.es in the Secure Area. Just click on one of the following:

  • Secure Area > HRGR Privilege Card Offers > Privilege Card Rules

  • Secure Area > HRGR Privilege Card Offers > Eating Out

  • Secure Area > HRGR Privilege Card Offers > Activities

  • Secure Area > HRGR Privilege Card Offers > Other

  • Secure Area > HRGR Privilege Card Offers > HRGR Privilege Card Offer Summary (which lets you view and print a summary of all offers)

Going forwards, if you have a great meal out, why not explain to the restaurant owner / manager that nearly 2,000 owners at HRGR have privilege cards and suggest they agree to give 10% discount off total bill (food and drink) to card holders. If you manage to persuade them, please send details to communication@hrgr.es and we will confirm details and publish them.

Just a reminder that you need to be registered on the HRGR Community website to view the offers, so if you haven’t already, please click on "Owners Registration" and input your details being careful to input First and Last name as your User name, e.g. John Smith.