Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort

Community of Owners

HRGR Privilege card offers

The new HRGR Privilege cards are being printed, and will then be delivered by FedEx International to Spain.

A new section has been added in the Secure Area, containing rules, individual details of each offer (eating out, activities, and other), and a one-page summary of offers.

We plan to start issuing the new cards at the AGM on Monday 16th March 2015.

If you own an apartment at HRGR and haven’t already done so, please click on “Owners Registration” taking care to input your First and Last name as your User Name.  Your details will be verified, and then you’ll soon be able to view the new offers and everything else in the secure area of this website.

Nominations for building, phase and resort presidents.
2nd March 2015 - Nominations for building, phase, and resort presidents now in Secure Area / AGM.

Consolidated budgets and finance reports added

Consolidated budget reconciliations, profit & Loss, and Balance Sheets have been added into the Secure Area.

You need to be a registered owner to access them.

2014/2015 reports will be added after the AGM in March 2015.

Committee Mtg Minutes Feb 2015 now available
Minutes of the Committee Meeting held 5th February 2015 and the Matters arisen from previous Committee Meetings are now stored in Secure Area in English and Spanish.

You need to be a registered owner to access them.
Large unwanted household items

19th Jan 2015 – Resortalia have has confirmed with STV that:

•STV can collect large unwanted household items from HRGR, for example mattress, wood, furniture, metals, washing machines, fridges, other small gadgets

•The owner needs to contact Resortalia and let us know what the item(s) are and when it would be left by the bins closest to their apartment.

•Then, Resortalia will contact STV so that they go and pick it up within the same day, following day or the following working day if it is informed during the weekend.